How to Cover up Scars

A scar can be embarrassing. It can affect your self-confidence and even make you shy away from social situations. Luckily, several options are available—from minor cover ups to more permanent treatments—to reduce the appearance of scars.

Applying a medicated, silicone based scar-reducing sheets have proven to significantly minimize scars.

ScarAway works on old and new scars It effectively shrinks, flattens and fades hypertrophic (raised) and keloid scars.

Flat scars less than two years old are the best candidates for this.

Longevity: 2-3 days

Equally as important is minimizing a scar’s exposure to sunlight. Scar tissue does not react to sunlight the same way as normal tissue, so exposing a fresh scar to sunlight can permanently darken a scar, making it more apparent.

We recommend you to take a high SPF such as Neutrogena Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+.

Applying concealing makeup. There are various makeups available on the market that can temporarily hide a scar. Choose a proper color to match your skin tone and test the makeup or cream on your skin to see if you need to blend any colors for the desired effect. Dermablend Leg and Body cover offers various colors to match with all skin tones.

Matching your skin tone can be a challenge for someone who isn’t familiar with the process. Try asking a consultant at a department or specialty store’s beauty counter for tips.

Longevity: 4 hours

Apply a scar-camouflaging kit like the Rio Skin Camouflage Concealer kit.

For deeper scars or instances when you need longer-lasting concealment than regular makeup may provide, you can look into specialty scar-camouflaging kits that contain a mixture of adhesive creams and powders.

These kits form a paste that you can use to cover up a scar and can last much longer than regular makeup. You can often find these kits sold at any beauty supply shop, drugstore, or salon.

Longevity: 8-10 hours

NanoColor Infusion™ can hide scars in as little as one hour. The process is safe and non-invasive. Moreover, in addition to providing the client with instant gratification, it is a long-term solution to a common problem.

NanoColor Infusion™ is a non-medical procedure in which pigment is expertly infused to the scarred area of the skin creating a flawless and seamless appearance with the surrounding skin. Plastic surgeons recommend Dominique’saward-winning NanoColor Infusion™ treatment to their post-surgery patients. They consider it an invaluable tool, as it adds the final, perfecting touch to masking the unavoidable scars left by surgery.

Because results are immediately visible, the client is liberated from the self-consciousness that accompanies scars. Dominique has helped hundreds of men and women of all ages, all of whom have confided that NanoColor Infusion™made them feel more beautiful as well as empowered with newfound confidence.

Although NanoColor Infusion can erase any scar, the most commonly addressed scars are those from facelift surgery, abdominal plasty (tummy tuck), breast surgery (from mastectomies, augmentations, reductions, etc.) and stretch marks.

Longevity: 3-5 years