Tips For When You Can’t See Your Beauty Specialist in Person

The COVID-19 pandemic has made maintaining beauty appointments very difficult. As a result, people have been undertaking their own beauty routines, attempting to do things on their own and using their own research.

Dominique Bossavy, a brow stylist and celebrity Nanocolor Infusion™ expert with clinics in Beverly Hills, New York, and Paris, shares tips for those that may not be able to see their beauty technician or specialist in person. 

Don’t Take Any Procedure Lightly

Search for a reputable technician with the artistic abilities to create what you like. Elect for a soft shape that perfectly enhances your own features and face structure, and stay away from trends. While we can all agree Kim Kardashian's eyebrows are perfectly suited for her face with their iconic arches, going for that look might just be a total disaster for someone else. This is especially true if you elect for an eyebrow procedure that cannot be easily removed. The truly perfect look for any set of brows is one that looks realistic and soft. This is by far the best method to achieve the “no makeup makeup look” versus the overly dramatic “drawn on” look.

“I love when a client gets up and looks instantly more youthful, in a no makeup look. When this is achieved, the face immediately shows a much younger appearance,” says Dominique Bossavy.

Oxidization with Micro Infusion

Some micro infusion procedures have been know to oxidize in the skin and change into abnormal colors. According to Dominique, oxidization is typically a concern with more traditional tattooing procedures. 

It should be noted however, that oxidation can happen, even today with the newest techniques. When this oxidation occurs it is usually caused by a defect in the application. Other factors can contribute to oxidization as well, such as color choice, pigment quality and stability. When this occurs with the newer techniques, it is usually due to low quality pigment, and a lack of experience of the person conducting the procedure. If you are feeling a lack of confidence in performing such a procedure, it is always best to wait and find another workable alternative, such 

Dominique Bossavy’s Work

Dominique Bossavy has an extensive understanding in color chemistry as well as the ability to see what she likes to call the “naked color " factor. What she means by that is that she can look at a color and know exactly what it's made of and with what type of skin it will be beautifully matched for. Pigment molecules are not all equal and if you don't know and understand the composition of color, you can't create great results. To avoid this, make sure you have a specialist who is experienced and familiar with matching pigments and skin tones. 

Dominique stands by her work, which certainly speaks for itself. She also is proud to ensure each one of her clients that her colors are of the highest quality and stability, because the right balance has been precisely calculated and mixed with a trade secret ingredient for stability. If your beauty specialist is not experienced dealing with precise pigments and skin tones, the work can heal as orange, green, blue, or purple. To avoid this, make sure you have a specialist who is experienced and familiar with matching pigments and skin tones before you commit to any procedures. 

In the meantime, there are some excellent products you can use which come highly recommended by Dominique Bossavy.  Products like Anastasia Soare's Brow Basics Kit or the skin care sets from Dr. Barbara Sturm are excellent alternatives to use while waiting for your next appointment with an experienced specialist like Dominique Bossavy.