November 28, 2019


If you're looking to make them a little softer or more moisturized, it's totally possible. And you don’t have to drown your lips in plumpers, nor invest in lip injections to make your lips more kissable!

Add in the right color and maybe gloss on that extra shine, ET VOILA!  

You’re about to become the ultimate seductres...

August 17, 2016


Stretch marks are practically inevitable for women. Considering losing weight, gaining weight, adolescence and pregnancy are pretty much the name of the game for us, it’s just about certain that at some point in our lives, we’ll deal with stretch marks. Besides being frustrated about the non-glamorous side effect, put...

June 23, 2016


A scar can be embarrassing. It can affect your self-confidence and even make you shy away from social situations. Luckily, several options are available—from minor cover ups to more permanent treatments—to reduce the appearance of scars.

Applying a medicated, silicone based scar-reducing sheets have proven to significa...

June 9, 2016


When you are in your 50s, the skincare wisdom you have gained throughout your life will help you make better choices and maintain your best, most beautiful skin.

Lesson #1:

SPF is your skin’s best friend. You may have spent your younger years basking in the sun’s glow without any sun protection – but hopefully you’ve l...

May 26, 2016


Dominique Bossavy shares with you her secrets on how she enhances the lips of her celebrity clients.


Redefining a lip border that has lost color and shape is a great way to instantly look younger by enhancing and redefining the boarder, boosting the color, and correcting asymmetrical shape and fullne...

May 12, 2016


Every morning, we wake up and proceed with our daily morning routine, preparing ourselves for the long day ahead. Cleanse the skin, style the hair, apply the makeup. When it comes time to put on the mascara, we all secretly strive for the perfect, fluttery lashes, but more often than not, we end up with the dreaded sp...

April 28, 2016





Determining your natural eye shape is just as important as finding the  most flattering colors for your lids. Knowing how to apply eye liner will help you better translate trends and techniques to fit your face. We turned to permanent makeup maven Dominique Bossavy  to discover tricks for each specific eye shape—so...

April 14, 2016




Tightlining your eyes (also known as "invisible eye liner") is a great way to add subtle definition to your eyes. Most people think that the point of tightlining is to make your eyes look bigger, but according to celebrity permanent makeup artist Dominique Bossavy,“it’s to make your eyelashes appear thicker and full...

March 31, 2016


A pretty pair of brows is the best way to frame your face and accentuate your beauty, but if you’re constantly making the same mistakes, you’re (unfortunately) grooming in vain. Whether you’re well versed in the brow category or a complete newcomer to the trade, chances are you’re making some mistakes that end up detr...

March 17, 2016




Red lipstick is one thing, but on a regular weekday, looking like you’ve got on a full face of makeup can be synonymous with looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s not that we’re trying to hide the fact that we’re wearing lipstick, but more often than not, if you’re showing major signs of wearing a ton of makeup,...

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