6 Ways For Making Your Lips Look & Feel Their Best

If you're looking to make them a little softer or more moisturized, it's totally possible. And you don’t have to drown your lips in plumpers, nor invest in lip injections to make your lips more kissable!

Add in the right color and maybe gloss on that extra shine, ET VOILA!  

You’re about to become the ultimate seductress of smooching. So read on for at least six easy and healthy tips to treat your lips and make them more kissable.

1- Hydrate: by drinking enough water to help maintain fluid balance.

2- Moisturize to further prevent your lips from drying out. You definitely want to have some lip balm handy throughout the day and especially before applying any sort of color. This sets your lips up as the smooth canvas needed for the perfect.

3 - Exfoliate your lips to get off some of that dry dead skin. You can use a soft toothbrush and pairing it with a nice sugar-based lip scrub to properly exfoliate your lips. Since sugar is a natural soft abrasive, it works beautifully as a natural exfoliate for your lips. Leave it on for about a minute or so, and then wash it off with a damp washcloth.

4 - Line using a soft nude color lip liner to help shape your lips. Make sure the line blends with your own lips. This will guarantee that they'll look fuller because it gives you the control to alter their shape and size a bit. You can trace just slightly outside your natural lip line and then fill your lips in with lipstick.

5 - Color in light tone like nude or pale pink really accentuate the fullness of your lips, avoid darker shad;  they tend to flatten your lips a bit more. Along with this, try using lip tints and lip stains instead of lipsticks. They're guaranteed to last longer, and won't run the risk of drying your lips out and giving them that cakey and flakey appearance.

6 - NanoColor Infusion is a carefree way to enhance your lips, without having to constantly having to reshape, as it is the case with traditional makeup. This non-invasive technique is guarantied to give your pout an instant boost of youth.

Dominique Bossavy unique technique, of layering natural tone pigment creates the perfect pout by minimizing smile line, redefining the lips border and adding fullness, and best of all, the results last for 2 years!

For added fullness, say R.I.P lipstick and skinny lips, just add a clear gloss and GO!