How to easily plump your lips volume?

Redefining a lip border that has lost color and shape is a great way to instantly look younger by enhancing and redefining the boarder, boosting the color, and correcting asymmetrical shape and fullness in a natural way.

First the asymmetry is corrected, and then the color of the real lips matched to perfection, and applied to the area that needs enhancement and blended with the real lips.

NanoColor Infusion can discreetly redefine your natural lip border and perfects your lip shape on a long term way.  Dominique’s world renowned technique, has given back the perfect lip shape to numerous prestigious clients, instantly making them look refreshed and younger.


By using different shade of lips tone Dominique creates a 3D effects, by applying first the slightly darkest color and ending with the lightest color in the center-, paired with any clear gloss or lips balm, worn on the entire lip or just in the center to reflect light and make your lips appear fuller.

The results create an instant rejuvenation of the lips for that red carpet perfect lips and a low maintenance option, NanoColor Infusion that creates the illusion of fullness by adding color to your lips one to two shades deeper than your natural lip tone.


Did you know, the “V” shape in the center of your top lip is called a cupids bow?  The cupid’s bow can be highlighted to create the illusion of a fuller lip.  This is done with a highlighting cream or powder (or the lightest cream/white eye shadow you have on hand) and a small brush.

After you have lined and glossed your lips, dip your brush in a small amount of your highlighter of chose and sweep it across the “V”. 

Make sure that it is blended nicely and doesn’t look like a white mark above your lip. After using this technique, and love the effect this can also be achieve, in a very subtle way that will last 2 years .