3 Beauty tips when you are 50

When you are in your 50s, the skincare wisdom you have gained throughout your life will help you make better choices and maintain your best, most beautiful skin.

Lesson #1:

SPF is your skin’s best friend. You may have spent your younger years basking in the sun’s glow without any sun protection – but hopefully you’ve learned by now that not applying SPF is easily the worst things you can do to your skin. The sun’s UVA rays can deeply penetrate your skin, damaging your skin cells and weakening your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. You now know, that preserving those natural fibers and keeping skin strong is an essential component of any anti-aging effort. Look for a daily moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and free radical damage.

Lesson #2:

Hydration is everything. Once you reach age 50 your skin’s natural oil producing glands will decrease in production. This means that even if you had oily skin for most of your life, you may now be experiencing dryness. Dry skin can be uncomfortable and can be distracting from your otherwise beautiful skin. Replenishing your mature skin with moisture and helping it maintain that moisture is important when it comes to making your skin look and feel its best. Looks for day and night creams and serums with hyaluronic acid. This anti-aging ingredient surges the skin with moisture and helps it retain hydration for longer periods of time.

Lesson #3:

Less can be more when it comes to makeup. Caking on makeup should have become a thing of the past by now. Heavy foundations and powders can set in fine lines and wrinkles making them appear more obvious. Besides, your mature skin doesn’t need all of the cover up you used to use in your teen and early adult years – it’s beautiful on its own so enhance its beauty instead of hiding it. Moisturize your lips and eye area before applying makeup so that the dry areas are hydrated. Your makeup will be less likely to crease if the areas are moisturized. Look for tinted moisturizers in place of heavy foundations and avoid pressed powders – instead look for loose powder options.

Look for a long-lasting low maintenance solution: Permanent Makeup Maven Dominique Bossavy explains: “During your thirties, lip color begins to pale and the crispness of the natural border diminishes. This causes a loss of definition as well as a diminution of color sharpness, making the lips less voluptuous. During your forties, lip fullness further decreases. The cupid’s bow straightens, losing its curve and sharpness. Gravity may also take hold, causing the corners of your mouth to droop, aging your face.”

So, maintaining the perfect lip shape in these challenging circumstances is both time-consuming and repetitive, involving serial reapplications of lip liner and lipstick. But now there is an alternative to this predicament: NanoColor Infusion™ Lip Perfection treatment. Instantly making you look refreshed and younger, this treatment takes your smile to its lip-magnifying potential.