Dominique's Signature

Jet Set Glow Facial

Dominique's Signature Facial is an exclusive, personalized treatment designed to clear, smooth and enhance skin’s radiance.

We start with a skin analysis that allows us to customize therapies precisely to skin your type. The facial commences with an exfoliation tailored to your needs, carefully sloughing off the skin’s top layer to let radiant new skin shine through. If needed, a round of thorough yet gentle extractions follows, clearing pores of dirt, oil or debris. Lastly, a customized O2 therapy boost is applied, followed by a final treatment mask, which helps  detox, soothe, and brighten the appearance of the skin. The Signature Facial concludes in 50 minutes with a relaxing massage to de-stress shoulders, and neck.

  $280 per session 50 minutes


  • Ideal For All Skin Types.

  • Thorough Gentle Extractions.

  • Customized Therapeutic Mask.

  • O2 Therapy Boost.



  • LED Lights

  • Lymphatic Massage

  • Botox & Dysport

Anti Oxidant & Oxygen

Dermal Infusion

$270 per session 50 minutes

This intense  Oxygen treatment harness a mix of technique that instantly results in a radiant skin.hydration

After a skin analysis, followed with a customized exfoliation to brighten the completion and remove dry skin. If necessary a  gentle, thorough extractions, removing oil and dirt from the pores, is performed. A customized  Mask is applied to uncover a softer, more supple complexion followed by a Hyaluronic serum designed to infuse the skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Next, while the skin is drenched in serums and vitamins boosting hydration levels, an extended oxygen treatment is applied from face to décolleté to help further boost hydration. You can feel dryness and stress dissipate as the hourlong treatment concludes with a final moisturizing mask and a soothing massage for tired shoulders, hands, and neck.


  • Celeb Fave for Red Carpet + Big Event Prep.

  • Thorough Gentle Extractions.

  • Intensely Hydrating via O2 Therapy Infusion Treatment




  • Full Body  red LED Lights

  • Lymphatic

  • PRP stem cells therapy

Skin Radiance

Remodeling & lifting

  • $380 per session 50 minutes

A Dominique Bossavy exclusive  treatment and celebs fav ! It Tighten, Lift and Contour with this unique, results-driven alternative to dermal fillers. Delivers impressive, measurable results. Particularly powerful in a series and completely customizable to each client’s unique skin needs, this revolutionary treatment begins with thorough cleansing and a dual-action chemical exfoliant peel featuring Salicylic Acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids designed to work in harmony, clearing and prepping skin to fully absorb the hand-selected powerful anti-aging serums that follow. Then, choose from a serum-infusing electroporation roller to smooth skin or a contouring and lifting massage, which microcurent .



  • Lymphatic

  • IV vitamin

  • Reflexology massage

  • High-Tech Treatment Featuring 7 Different Micro-Currents.

  • AHA + Salicylic Acid Peel.

  • Tightens, Lifts, + Contours with Immediate, Visible Results.

  • Exclusive at Dominique Bossavy's Spa

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