A woman wearing high-concept, low-maintenance natural lips blush definer, a must-have for beauties on the go.

What is Lip Blush?

Lips blush is the new modern alternative to the old, unnatural permanent lip makeup. It can be compared to lip gloss, tint or blush rather then heavy lipstick. The idea of this procedure is to restore natural color and revive the faded lips boarder and keep the lip’s edge or vermilion border soft. This will give the lips a fuller, softer appearance without a harsh lip liner look or heavy handed unnatural color.


A tiny mechanized needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of color. It can be a corrective service to help even out the tone of the lips, but it can also help with asymmetry.

NanoColor infusion lip blushing provides natural looking, long-lasting results, Unlike traditional permanent cosmetic lips procedure, that use carbon-based tattoo pigments and result in harsh results that results in unappealing color, Nanocolor Infusion pigment, revive the lips shape and color in a soft, natural way.


No. It does not replace your lipstick, but gives your lips a natural, blushy tint. If you are a person that loves the appearance of “no-makeup makeup” and wants to look like your lips have a little life during the workweek, at the gym, picking up a coffee and running errands, and like to feel “effortlessly put-together” – with a sense of youthful loveliness and natural Eclat this is it!

Before and after of a woman wearing lip blush.


The results vary person to person. Generally, lip blushing can last several years, although your lifestyle contributes to how well it maintains; dry lips, smoking and sun


First, we prepare the area, an anesthetic is applied to pre-numb the lips. Afterwards, it’s time to design your new lips shape, together, so that you can evaluate and make any changes. Here it’s important to understand the difference between vulgar / over exaggerated and elegant voluptuous, enhancing rather then exaggerating. This procedure is to make you look fresh and youthful, when you don’t have any makeup, versus making you look painted and unnatural. Once you are happy with the shape, we begin the Color infusion.

Once the appointment is completed, the color might appear brighter more like a lip-gloss—Over the next week, your lips will heal, and the color will go through  different phases. You won’t be able to swim, or visit a sauna, so it’s important to time this carefully around your schedule, especially if you are planning a vacation.

For 24 hours, I will require that you gently blot your lips with a water compress and let them air dry, before applying a thin coat of restore salve. This is to keep the lips clean and remove any body fluids that have surfaced and prevent the fluids from forming scabs.

When it comes to scabs, it’s important that they fall off naturally—picking them can result in scarring or loss of pigment in those areas. For ultimate results it’s important to avoid heavy sweat workout and sun exposure for two weeks and if you plan on getting injections, wait a full month. Sleeping on your face could also cause the scabs to fall off prematurely. The occlusive salve should be worn to keep the lips properly moisturized at all times.

Initially, the color will be more vibrant, almost like a lip stain. It is important not to be misled by the immediate ‘after’ results. The immediate results look nothing like when the lips are healed. Once healed, the color fades approximately 30-50 percent and also blends in with the natural lip color, keeping the lips moisturized will make the lips color softer. Dryness varies from one person to another and typically lasts five to seven days, and after four weeks, the lips should be fully healed to completion, although I suggest a touch-up appointment around six weeks in the event the client wants to alter the shape of the blush, or to fill in areas that may have rejected pigment, although it’s not mandatory.

If you have any skin or medical conditions, especially if it’s related to your lips, you should always let me know. For instance, if you have a history of cold sores, the procedure could trigger an outbreak. Prescribed anti-viral medication should be taken, to prevent an outbreak; the same will apply at the follow up sessions.


Although this is a more complex procedure it can be done with a process that will neutralize the grey and purple, and bring back warmth into the natural lips color, by cancelling out all the purple and grey.

You are not a candidate if you desire to have a nude colors result, it will not stay or cover dark pigmentation in your lips and can make them darker When healed, you will end up with a natural warm color rose, giving your lips a warmer softer look.

Before the appointment, I will explain all details regarding the procedure and I will show pictures of results that can be expected. Clients with dark lips have to understand that it may take more sessions for them to achieve desired result.

Dark lips are complex to work with. Most artists will run away from dark lips and not touch them at all. However, I know how to work with these lips properly and have the right pigments, technique and machine to get beautiful results.

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