How do you get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are practically inevitable for women. Considering losing weight, gaining weight, adolescence and pregnancy are pretty much the name of the game for us, it’s just about certain that at some point in our lives, we’ll deal with stretch marks. Besides being frustrated about the non-glamorous side effect, putting up with stretch marks can be a bit easier when you know why they’re there.

What causes stretch marks? 

Certain hormonal conditions (like pregnancy, adolescence, and fluctuations in weight) can predispose some individuals to stretch mark.  When the skin stretches following the weight fluctuation, skin tissues break and it appears the white mark, which is actually a scar.

How can we get rid of stretch marks? 

There have been numerous treatments touted to help, including lasers, peels, “natural” oils, Retin-A, and silicone gels, to name a few. However, since stretch marks are essentially a scar from the inside out, there is no treatment that makes them disappear completely.

What kinds of products can you use to get rid of them?

Unfortunately, there are really no products to “get rid of them.” You can improve with lasers, peels, light therapy or treatment with silicone gel.

The good news is that with NanoColor Infusion you can hide them with lasting effect! A skill NanoColor Infusion expert  can  re-pigment your stretch-marks , by infusing  carefully customized blend of nano pigments to perfectly match your skin tone thus camouflaging the white line contrasting with the healthy skin .

The result can last up to 10 years, it also as been reported that in addition to a more even skin tone the skin elasticity improves and make the skin appears smoother.

The nano color pigment are gently infused with a digital device, in the superficial layer of the dermis, the process is non invasive , depending on how large an area , it can take up to 2 hours .