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Beauty Visionary,

Dominique Bossavy presents:

High Impact - Low Maintenance natural lips stain definer, a must have for beauties on the go!

With ageing, the lips can become thinner and lose definition. As this occurs, the lips may look smaller, assymetrical and deflated. Some patients complain of the lips appearing too thin and stretched, especially when they smile. Sometimes, lines can occur with time and result in “bleeding” of lipstick.

A Lips  Micro Color infusion treatment aims to reduce lip lines and restore both definition and lost color. Lip definition is  restored by naturally  restoring the missing color in a sheer gradiant effect  where the skin meets the red parts of the lips as well as the corners of the lips.  Using customized subtle sheer color blends , resulting in an instant boost of yout, without the need to use any makeup .

Elodie is a 34 years old.

Although Elodie love's the shape of her lips, she complained that they have lost their color and the edge is less defined, making her lips look smaller due to the color fading .

Solution:Using her unique 3D shading technique, Dominique restored Elodie’s faded lips color with a precisely customized  pigments blend that  perfectly match Elodie's natural color,  to create a soft  sheer tint effect that instantly revived her natural lips color, resulting in an instant rejuvenating effect!




Tania , is a 45 years old.

Tania complained,cold sores scars  made her lips color fade, making them uneven and smaller.Tania was seeking  a natutal way , low mainetenance to revive her damages lips.

Solution:Dominique first corrected the  assymmetries along with adding fullness with a soft natural pink color, perfectly blending with Tania's natural lips, along with recontouring the lips bow for  more youthfull shape. Thus creating an instant fullness and younger appearance .

Beth is 53 years old,

Beth was concerned about the loss of color and formation of wrinkles,  that made her lipstick run, and made her lips look old, uneven and  less defined.


Solution: defined the lips at the borders and adjusted the shape to create an even contour. A very natural rosy pink colour was used to create the most natural look possible.

© 2008 Dominique Bossavy all worldwide rights reserved 

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