Lymphatic Bed: Ballancer®Pro

The Ballancer®Pro works to support the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid. It is pleasant, gentle, relaxing massage that supports body health by supporting the lymphatic drainage system. The lymphatic system has a significant impact on body health – and shape. The system is a groundbreaking approach to a healthier, trimmer body. It involves two specially manufactured garments that produce a wave-like massage to help the body release toxins and fluids. 


The Ballancer®Pro takes a unique approach to weight loss and body sculpting; it triggers the body’s natural processes to shed weight and excess fluid in a simple, enjoyable treatment. The treatment helps make the body function as it should, increasing circulation and leaving skin looking firm, toned, and fresh. When the lymphatic system is functioning as it should, your skin and tissue responds.

Ballancer®Pro can assist in speeding recovery by reducing swelling and fluid retention common after liposuction for a faster, more comfortable recovery. 

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What exactly is  Ballancer PRO? 
Automated adaptive compression technology system that enhances circulation and metabolic processes, increases  lymphatic  drainage and eliminates fluids, and waste. This stagnant fluid, once shed with the Ballancer®Pro, restores better health to skin and tissue for a fresh, glowing look, with the added benefit of creating a more pleasing body contour. 

How many treatments, on average, does someone need to get desired results? 

There is a difference after literally one treatment, but to varying degrees of course  depending on your areas of stagnation, system in general, metabolic rate and cellular waste deposits, fluid retention etc etc.  With your relatively clean diet and normal lifestyle conditions and your resulting energy and detoxed state, you will both feel and  see a major difference starting at/after 3 treatments [which can be performed as close together as every other day or ideally 2/3 days apart.]  Optimal results and benefits are achieved by 6 treatments.