How to enhance your lips ?

October 9, 2015





Finally, a long-lasting, proven lip enhancement…


The perfect lip shape is both precise and in harmonious balance with your features. It is determined by your face’s shape, coloring, and proportions. During your thirties, lip color begins to pale and the crispness of the natural border diminishes. This causes a loss of definition as well as a diminution of color sharpness, making the lips less voluptuous. During your forties, lip fullness further decreases. The cupid’s bow straightens, losing its curve and sharpness. Gravity may also take hold, causing the corners of your mouth to droop, aging your face.


Maintaining the perfect lip shape in these challenging circumstances is both time-consuming and repetitive, involving serial reapplications of lip liner and lipstick. But now there is an alternative to this predicament: NanoColor Infusion Lip Perfection treatment. Instantly making you look refreshed and younger, this treatment takes your smile to its lip-magnifying potential.











NanoColor Infusion Lip Perfection enhances your natural lip color, perfects your lip shape, and discreetly redefines your natural lip border. If desired, it can also create the illusion of fullness.




During your initial consultation, Dominique will analyze your facial shape and coloring. Using your feedback, she will design the perfect lip to complement your features, precisely tailoring the shape in proportion to your face. She will then design and blend a color mix, generally one to two shades deeper than your natural lip tone. Once you both agree on the “pre-drawn” design, illustrated with a conventional cosmetic, Dominique will custom blend the NanoColor shade to softly enhance your natural color.

An electronic hand piece is traced over the “pre-drawn” template, allowing the color to be finely infused into your skin. This multi-part process ensures that the correct shape, color, and proportions are designed specifically for you and that the finished result is exactly what you want.




In less than sixty minutes, your prescribed shade will be precisely infused into your lips, giving you long-lasting Lip Perfection.




Because your comfort is of the utmost importance to Dominique, a numbing agent is applied prior to the NanoColor Infusion process.

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