How to prevent running‏ eye makeup?

October 20, 2015




Humidity, rain, wind, good laugh and sad songs are all culprits in one thing: ruining your eye makeup and giving you the infamous raccoon look.


In the dark category of annoying things (like chipped polish and snagged tights), running eye makeup tops the list.


So how to avoid this cosmetic pitfall once and for all?


1.    Don’t Over-Moisturize


Excess moisturizer will cause your makeup to smudge, so don’t over-do the cream around your eye area and especially on the lids and lashes before applying makeup.


2.  Consider Waterproof


Use waterproof eyeliner and eyelash


3.    Powder Up


After applying liner on your upper lid, go over with a translucent powder using a fine liner brush. As for lower lashes, use a sheer pressed powder along the lash line before and after applying liner. It makes your lash thicker and fixes the makeup.

And for those who always have their makeup running and who want to save time, don’t forget that permanent makeup can be a great solution, it provides the illusion of thicker lashes and never smudge, with the added benefit to brighten the eyes, without having to ever worry if you forgot your mascara.

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