How to get the no liner look ?

November 5, 2015




Hey Girls !


Maybe you’re not used to see yourself without a lot of makeup because your eyes look beady and washed out without eyeliner.

But you will love the look of just mascara, especially when you want to look effortless, have all the attention go to your lashes or paired with a bright lip. 


It’s the sister technique to rimming your bottom waterline, but this time you are pressing a gel liner into your upper lash line from directly below it for the ultimate definition.


It’s particularly great when you don’t want to lose any of your upper lid surface area, but still want to frame your eyes.  


2 things you will need :

  • Black Gel Liner​​

  • Flat Eyeliner Brush


How to do it?


  • Dip the edge of the brush into the gel pot to load it up on both sides.

  • Reach your opposite hand around, up and over your head to gently lift your upper lid upwards. Then with your other hand, start at the outer corner of the upper waterline and press the brush right up into the roots of the lashes.

  • Continue stamping it across the lash line until you’ve reached the inner corner.

  • Add a coat of mascara and you’re good to go!


If you want to save time or if you are not comfortable doing it, you can also think about the permanent makeup, a great way to always look good and natural.  



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