Brow Mishaps : How to stop them ?

November 20, 2015






​​​If you don’t have time to do your eyebrows, think twice before picking up those pinchers! Those pesky little hairs might need to go, but when you’re in a time crunch, you are apt to make mistakes, especially if you aren’t that experienced or just in a rush. One false tweeze, and suddenly you look like Madonna in Evita. Don’t forget: the eyebrows are part of the balance of your face! You have to be very careful!

Often, my clients come to me after they have over-tweezed their eyebrows. The eyebrow has become uneven or heavily thinned out towards the end.

If you have got a little heavy handed: sometimes, it can look like half the brows are missing. The important thing to remember, is that there’s a solution for over-tweezed brows.




Pencils can look too harsh. Try a softer look by going in with a brow powder. Use quick strokes with an angled brush for the most natural look.




A semi-permanent make up specialist, like Dominique Bossavy, can restore your eyebrow with a 3D effect. NanoColor Infusion will give your eyebrows a perfect shape and restore their thickness creating the illusion of real hair and it lasts for 2 to 3 years!

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