The Best Brow Approach for Your Most Selfie Worthy Brows

Eyebrow stylists are seeing far too many clients with permanent damage and suffering from brow "fatigue" over the trends from overly sculpted, product heavy, accentuated angular, designer, crazy colors, super arched, and more. 

According to Dominique Bossavy, a brow stylist and celebrity Nanocolor Infusion™ expert with clinics in Beverly Hills, New York, and Paris, these trends have gone overboard and it is time to get back to basics. Bossavy is trusted to care for the most fabulous Hollywood faces including Michelle Williams, Jenna Dewan, Megan Fox, Julie Bowen, Lena Dunham, Georgina Chapman to name a few. Bossavy shares her (not so secret) sauce for delivering the best brows and it starts with the fact it is not one size fits all.


An Overview

Yes, Cara Delevingne’s uber Power Brow, and Keira Knightley’s big and bold bushy brows are among the most enviable brows around. But the brow shape and color they possess will certainly not be ideal for just anyone. 

According to brow expert and Nanocolor specialist, Dominique Bossavy, the best brows are the ones that frame your face, highlight your features, and have the natural shape and proportion of your childhood. Not those which conform to the size, shape, arch, or color trends that enter the room before you.

When correctly matched with the shape of your face, your eyebrows, enhanced with Nanocolor infusion, can be the ultimate beauty statement and your signature feature, says Dominique Bossavy.

Even Kiera Knightly confessed she tried a brow treatment that makes everyone's eyes look the same and it looked awful on her since the proportions did not work on her face "with less of a brow".


The Guru Guide to Timeless Brow Greatness — Regardless of Timely Trends

  • Everyone needs their own shape of brow that fits their face and matches their features. 
  • Defining arch placement is key to lift the eye and create the right focal point.
  • Proportion is most important between the brow and position of the eyes — aligned to the width of face and height of the forehead.
  • Bolder is not always better adding color in layers is safest to get the best result.
  • The direction of hair growth plays a key role because strokes of color must match to create a crisp contrast, 3D effect with depth and dimension — not a flat look.
  • Achieving the right brow color goes beyond matching them to the color of your hair. In most cases, it's very important to match the color with existing brow hair (not the hair on the head) and the skin tone:
    • Red heads should not have red eyebrows, but a harmonious strawberry blond. 
    • Brunettes with very dark hair or sparse lighter brow hair should match with the real brow hair in a range of soft light toned browns. 
    • For Blondes, Eyebrows should be slightly darker, without exaggeration. The blonde family should complement both hair and skin tone. Additionally, for bright platinum blonde tones, like Dominique Bossavy’s client Michelle Williams, it is  often best to add a bit more brown color to create a contrast, but in a much  warmer tone so as not to create conflict.

Knowing your best look is an asset and continuing to keep the shape, length, and thickness that works for you as you age is key. There are some excellent eyebrow care products available to purchase for those who want to try their own brow styling at home. This can be an excellent option, especially If your technician is promising you the latest trend in eyebrows. In that case, it may be in your best interest to visit another technician who'll work with your unique brow and facial features. According to brow expert, Dominique Bossavy, that is truly the best approach.