Learn & Change a Life

Nanocolor stretchmarks and scar camouflaging is a positively life changing procedure, that instantly gives back confidence and self-esteem. 

My training is tailored to give you a strong knowledge needed to stand out and provide beautiful results in a short period of time. The training covers all aspects of the procedure, demonstrations, hands-on practice to give you the most solid foundation to jumpstart your new career, or expand the one you already have. 

Having pioneered this technique back in France in the late 90’s, I have perfected the insides out of the procedure and have mastered it’s successful application on all types of skin.  

I constantly perfect and explore new custom tones and techniques with my pigment mix, I have perfected over the years and exclusively used on all my procedures, and o share with all my students (past and present) even after we’ve met. After your training, I’m certain you will have the confidence to continue to evolve and refine your knowledge, for the delight of all your clients. 


  • 2 Full Days Training working with me  
  • Includes Starter Kit – My camouflage inks collection, pigment dilution, ink caps, ink mixer and stirrers, grip tape, and ink wands 
  • Machine and power supply  
  • Training Manual covering topics: FAQs, skin theory, stretch marks anatomy, cause, types, variable approaches, how to avoid the most common mistakes, how to color match, overtones and undertones, healing factors, pre-care and post-care, sample consent forms, how to qualify clients and variables to consider during consultations, ink education, safety health standards, studio preparation, supplies needed/order sheet, what tattoo power voltages to use, types of scars, price rate sheet, and how to do marketing and sales. 
  • Dominique’s Custom Color Swatches and secret to matching client’s skin tones 
  • Hands-On-Training include shading techniques and working on live models 
  • Observation Notes written by me as encouragement and reminders of what to keep practice after completing your education 
  • Certification Of Completion of the NANO COLOR INFUSION Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflage Technique by Dominique Bossavy. 
  • Support after you’re done training 
  • Referral opportunity 
  • Online study and resources
  • Supply member discount 
  • Lunch provided 
  • Everyone comes from different backgrounds of experience (whether you’re new to the beauty industry or an experienced artist) so the one-on-one attention allows me to tailor each training to best serve the individual student and prepare him with the best technique, tools and knowledge for continued success.