Dominique Bossavy, NanoColor Infusion ExpertDominique’s true talent is an innate unerring sense of how to unlock an individual’s most beautiful natural self, which she expresses by creating perfect, youthful and undetectable results. With her confidence and conviction, Dominique has brought a powerful point-of-view and new standard to the art of permanent cosmetics by reinventing the concept to suit the natural beauty of today’s discriminating elegant, modern woman. In an effort to define her unique and inimitable approach she coined the phrase “NanoColor Infusion."

Bossavy first began studying the art of semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement in Paris during a two-year internship under the scrutiny of renowned dermatologist Dr. De Ramecourt, where she often found herself correcting unnatural looking and over exaggerated mistakes.  A few months later with her reputation now preceding her, and burgeoning clientele list, demand started to exceed supply and there were soon women willing to wait months to benefit from Dominique’s “Savoir-Faire."

Ultimately, Dominique’s unmatched skills led to partnerships with top dermatologists, oncologists and cosmetic surgeons, which helped develop innovative and advanced medical applications and solutions; offering an alternative to individuals with cancer scars, burn survivors, stretch marks, skin discoloration, areola reconstruction, and alopecia. Dominique’s individual customized approach perfectly and precisely blends multiple colors made up from her own mineral-based pigments for flawless coverage and nearly undetectable skin imperfections.   

Dominique’s groundbreaking work has resulted in an extensive list of award-winning achievements. Today, Bossavy’s fined-tuned aesthetic instinct shines through all her beauty enhancements and her expertise is embraced by Hollywood’s most prominent faces, making her work a red carpet staple.

With clinics in Beverly Hills, New York and Paris, Bossavy offers her services to a global clientele.